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Thankfully, Coinbase has a smooth user interface that makes it easy to find anything you’re looking for in your account. The following are tips to make your experience selling on CeX easier.

  • This service allows you to sell your items fast and avoid pesky queues.
  • The app will give you the price of the item, the voucher trade price & cash value of the item.
  • Today, even the review model system doesn’t lead to trust, as investigations by the likes of Which?
  • Sadly, eBay certainly can’t say that as it doesn’t verify any items before sale.
  • Of course, with many other products on the market, it pays to price your product competitively.
  • This is recalculated every day at midnight GMT and is inclusive of the trades you have made that day.
  • Given such a clean slate and the insurance measures we’ve mentioned so far, one can conclude that both Coinbase and CEX.io are safe crypto exchanges.

We have stores in the UK, Spain, Ireland, India, Australia, Portugal, Netherlands, Mexico, Poland and Canarias. The company has limits based on your account verification level. They also maintain limits on how much you can purchase using Instant Buys and they have limits on all of their various payment methods.

What is Stop Loss and how to set it up?

Therefore, if you’re a large retail buyer, we’d recommend the UK-based exchange. You can check out Coinbase Prime or CEX.io Prime if you’re an institution. Both platforms offer institutional-grade access to the crypto market. Uniquely all goods are second hand, tested in store and sold with a 12-month warranty. With its simple and friendly interface, low fees, and exceptional reviews, CEX.IO is one of the best cryptocurrency exchange platforms for investors in the UK. It is suitable both for beginner and advanced investors, and even has its own payment system for businesses looking to bridge the gap between fiat and cryptocurrency. Overall though, CEX.IO has amassed thousands of overwhelmingly positive reviews, making it one of the highest-rated exchange platforms in the UK.

cex prices

However, the £630 iPad had visible damage with marks to the screen, meaning it should have been downgraded to the next category which store staff had refused to do. Please complete the short form below to request more information from Franchise Magazine. If you choose to register an account, in the future you will be able to login using your email address and password to quickly request information from other companies.

How do I create an account at CEX.IO?

Barring issues with the submitted document, CEX.io approves a customer’s verification within an hour. Unless you only invest in Bitcoin, you probably want an exchange that lists as many cryptocurrencies as possible, or at least the ones you want to add to your https://www.tokenexus.com/ portfolio. It takes a long time to build a good reputation, and both exchanges have done that throughout their roughly eight years of existence. Beyond these physical elements, we’ll now review their respective platforms and decide which does what better.

  • One thing is clear – if possible, mix and match where you sell them.
  • You cannot deposit GBP with a UK bank transfer unless you verify your address.
  • Before you can carry out any transaction on Coinbase and CEX.io, you’ll need to complete an identity verification session.
  • Asked to choose between Coinbase and CEX.io, we’d go with the popular option of choosing CEX.io for UK and Europe-based customers and Coinbase for U.S customers.
  • We want our comments to be a lively and valuable part of our community – a place where readers can debate and engage with the most important local issues.

There are plenty of other crypto exchanges out there that offer similar features to CEX.IO but without the high fees or complex account verification limits. However, you can’t make bank transfers until you verify your address, either, so you’ll be stuck paying higher fees for transactions using credit cards and other more expensive payment methods. This is one of the highest fees that you’ll find among major exchanges. The only other major crypto trading platform where you’ll find fees like this is Coinmama, which charges about 10.9% for credit card purchases through its Instant Buy feature. CEX.IO’s mission is to “provide a gateway into the world of an open financial system”. In addition to crypto spot trading, CEX.IO now offers a range of other services, including crypto-backed loans and interest-bearing crypto savings accounts.

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We believe both platforms are a good fit for retail investors and will remain dominant for the foreseeable future. Although we think first-time users probably do not need all those extra features, it comes in handy for those with experience in crypto investing. If you’re willing to provide the required information, you can initiate the verification process via your account and get approved in little or no time.

One of CEX.IO’s strongest points is the wide range of payment options it supports across various jurisdictions, with USD, EUR, GBP and Russian rubles all accepted. Buy and sell cryptocurrency or actively trade at competitive rates on CEX.IO. If the market price drops to €6,400, your position will be closed, preventing further losses. CEX.IO charges a complex system of fees for trading and funding your account. However, fees for CEX.IO’s Instant Buys are very high (at least 7%), and the exchange rate normally isn’t competitive. So, while it’s a convenient feature, it’s one of the more expensive ways to buy crypto in the UK.

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So just put your location in to the form below, find your local store and you’re good to go. Just been to town, same prices in store as online for anyone who didn’t know/wanted to. Making card deposits of up to $3,000 and withdrawals of up to $10,000 a day. This is because you are being charged a premium for trading directly with CEX.IO as a broker rather than trading with other cryptocurrency enthusiasts on their trading network, in this case, 7%. Fees for CEX.IO’s brokerage service, where it acts as your counterparty, vary according to market and network conditions, but they can get as high as 7%. Take out a loan with your cryptocurrency holdings as collateral – all without a credit check.

What does CeX mean?

The "CeX" name has moved away from "Computer eXchange" into an acronym for "Complete Entertainment eXchange", and company letterheads state "CeX LTD is trading as CeX Entertainment Exchange".

It uniquely uses a clever AI and a team of trained, expert authenticators to inspect every single product sold. So sellers don’t need reviews to sell, they instantly are trusted thanks to the verification, which means that their target shoppers can buy with total confidence. It’s a model that works, as the service’s Trustpilot scores show. EBay and Vendi take longer than an in-store transaction, but same day sales and payments are possible. Your product might take some time to sell, but equally it could sell as soon as it’s listed, and could be en route to the buyer the same day. The platform supports a variety of fiat deposit options, including card transactions. As an investor, you can tap into this cashback opportunity to buy crypto at slightly lower prices.

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Always do your own research to ensure any products or services and right for your specific circumstances as our information focuses on rates not what is cex service. It offers both interest-bearing crypto savings accounts and staking services so you can accrue interest on your digital assets.

cex prices

CEX.IO is not on the Financial Conduct Authority’s cryptoasset register. Crypto trading isn’t regulated, but the FCA keeps a register of firms that operate crypto services from a UK base and they must pass checks for anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism activity. Power users can move beyond the spot market and play the cryptocurrency markets, with CFDs on cryptocurrency and margin trading available up to 100x. CEX.IO is a well-established crypto exchange that supports more than 100 cryptocurrencies and has low fees on its exchange (max 0.25%).

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